Canceled: The TV Color Of The Money


The TV Color Of The Money

Did you ever got that feeling of frustration when one of your favorite show’s episodes it’s coming to an end and in the last seconds you cannot wait to watch the following episode? I it is common ground for pretty much everyone, but, plot twist, how about when you know that you will never get to watch the next scene after the cliffhanger because someone, somewhere, that lives for the mighty green decides your favorite show must end, sending you a big round “Thanks For Your Time, F…k You”?
American TV Series are without any doubt the most successful around the world, they become a planetary success, with millions of viewers not counting the United States, but, why do American producers and channels decide to shut down production and cancel some of these series when they have an audience of millions outside the U.S?
We live in an era where there’s little to no delay to the broadcast of TV Shows in most parts of the world, being through the classic TV standard broadcast or through the Internet. This seems at first sight reason enough for some TV Shows not being canceled, but there is more to it, the fact is that having audiences around the globe is not enough for American producers to keep some shows running, the goal is to gather the most audience inside the United States due to the pornographic costs of TV advertisement in the U.S. It is not a fair game to the viewer, considering that some formats will please for example more an European audience than an American audience, shouldn’t it be considered to invest on it and keep them running? We have a quick contact and view of what are the viewers choices nowadays through social media, and if decisions were based in Facebook comments and emojis on the TV Shows official pages, it is almost granted that a lot of the canceled ones would still be around. But everything is big money big in American showbiz, and everything has a price, when it comes to sacrifice the TV lamb, no matter how young it is, the networks do it with no mercy or pity. The Americans might understand it better, the how’s and why’s, and we do hope for a future on Television that doesn’t has to depend on American Walmart or Pepsi advertisements, where the viewer is actually respected and the networks have the decency of offering foreclosure, a fair game to all.

Here’s some selected TV Shows that were canceled too soon or deserved a closure.


  • “Time After Time” 2017, ABC
    One of the latest sacrfices of ABC, these fascinating time travel series based on the fantastic world of H.G Wells, was canceled after just only 4 episodes (one of the worst case scenarios for TV shows). An engaging series that deserved more than just leaving the viewer thinking on what could happen next.
  • “Resurrection” 2014-2015, ABC
    Another “sacrifice lamb” for ABC, this was a show with potential, a mystical plot and good acting, it was canceled after two short seasons.
  • “666 Park Avenue” 2012-13, ABC
    One more ABC top series that was canceled after just one season. A supernatural thriller with engaging back story and class acting, the type of closure ABC tried to rush into it did more damage than good.
  • “Damien” 2016, A&E
    Based on the 70’s horror classic “The Omen”, “Damien” was a series with a good plot and acting, a supernatural/horror story that was canceled just after one season, leaving the viewer in a difficult cliffhanger position.
  • “Hannibal” 2013-15, NBC
    One of the most classy and beautiful TV Series that was put on in recent years, based on the character of Hannibal Lecter, shot in beautiful plan and a very good post production, it was canceled after 3 seasons. It left the viewer with no idea if the series finale was a closure or a cliffhanger.
  • “Cold Case” 2003-2010, CBS
    These successful series revolved around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases. It distinguished from other investigating/detective series due to the elaborated plot on each episode that featured flashbacks of the past, together with the appropriate soundtrack of the year/years the crimes took place to go along with it, featuring many well known songs, and in some episodes even a soundtrack dedicated to one specific artist, such as The Doors, Nirvana or Bruce Springsteen. A show where you could learn about recent history events, with a good cast and a back story line to it. That is where the viewer got screwed the most, when CBS decided to cancel the show in 2010 after 7 seasons, they ended it in a cliffhanger related to the back story. No closure here.
  • “Vinyl” 2016, HBO
    One of the best series to come out in recent years, “Vinyl”, we thought that a TV Series created by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese could never be canceled after one season, but that is exactly what happen. Based on the Rock scene and music industry of the 60’s and 70’s, it featured a golden soundtrack, and special characters appearances by New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, David Bowie or Andy Warhol. However, as much as it became popular, it was not enough for HBO to let it go on for another season. It ended in a cliffhanger, after an intense season finale.
  • “Ghost Whisperer” 2005-10, CBS
    The story of Melinda, a psychic that helps people by building bridges between the living and the dead was very successful when first started. As the back story went on, the series got more interested, it did not stopped CBS to cancel it after 5 seasons. Of course, leaving the viewer in a cliffhanger.
  • “The Returned” 2015, A&E
    Based on French TV Series hit “Les Revenants”, the american remake this supernatural story was interesting enough and differed here and there from the original French series. Unfortunately, was canceled after one season, without being given proper closure by A&E.

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