“Sun Records” Too much for too less

“Sun Records”

Too much for too less

2017 TV Series “Sun Records” based on Sam Phillips label and the artists that brought world fame to it, had everything to become a good biographical story but failed in being partial to characters by over developing Elvis Presley’s life and under developing the Sun’s other artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis or Johnny Cash, a somehow disappointment to the premise.
The acting is good and it features the right soundtrack to go with the action, but the over romanticism of a time and place left “Sun Records” in a bad position. A short season of 8 episodes where a big chunk of the time is spent focusing on Colonel Parker’s schemes and life, Elvis’s teenage love life and home environment and Sam Phillips familiar drama. These seem to be the priority subjects to focus on the show when it should be all about the history of Sun Records as a label.
Incomprehensible is the under development of Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash characters, as you never get to actually see them even stepping foot on Sun Records or starting out their music careers for good, most of the series follows Johnny Cash in the military and Lee Lewis church rebellion as a teenager. Elvis character is well developed but considering that this is a show about a group of people that come together to shape what became the iconic Sun Records, Elvis’s scenes should had been cut down to half, and really, there isn’t that much of a need for viewers to learn so much about Colonel Parker frauds and schemes, unless this was to be a 23 episode series and not 8 without even (as for now) being granted a second season. Hopefully there will be a Season 2 and all of this can be explained

Origin: USA
Aired: 2017-?
Creator: Leslie Greif
Starring: Chad Michael Murray, Margaret Anne Florence, Keir O’Donnell, Drake Milligan, Billy Gardell

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