Richard Ashcroft turns 46 today

The former lead singer of the 90’s band The Verve

Richard Ashcroft turns 46 today

The former lead singer of the successful 90’s band The Verve, Richard Aschcroft was born Richard Paul Ashcroft in Wigan, Lancashire, England on September 11th, 1971. Richard formed The Verve in 1990, the band was labeled as Britpop though their music features a wider range of music styles such as Psychedelia, they only came to prominence later on the decade when they released their 3rd album “Urban Hymns”, which remains also their best selling one, that featured a string of hits including “Bittersweet Symphony”, “Sonnet”, “Lucky Man” and “The Drugs Don’t Work”. Controversy around the bands biggest hit “Bittersweet Symphony” forced them to hand over 100% of the song´s royalties to ABKCO, The Rolling Stones recording company after being sued by them due to the unauthorized use of a sample from “The Last Time”, a 1965 Stones song.Subsequently, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were given songwriting credits along with Ashcroft. The band’s wave of success contrasted with internal turmoil within it’s members and they broke up in 1999, though since then have been back together on and off. Ashcrofts solo career and with other bands never repeated the same level of success he achieved in the late 90’s with The Verve, today he is working with a new band called RPA & The United Nations of Sound, however his career has been pretty much silenced for some time now.

Look back at the 1997 video of The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony”

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