Breaking: Marilyn Manson’s co-founder guitarist Daisy Berkowitz dead at 49

The guitarist played on the band’s first two albums

Breaking: Marilyn Manson’s co-founder guitarist Daisy Berkowitz dead at 49

Scott Putesky, who played guitar under the pseudonym Daisy Berkowitz after co-founding Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids  has died at the age of 49 after a battle with cancer. Putesky is credited with writing the music for early Marilyn Manson singles like “Lunchbox” and “Dope Hat” as well as playing guitar on their cover of Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” from the 1995 EP “Smells Like Children” which would become the band’s breakout hit and remains one of their most popular songs, but just as Marilyn Manson were ascending into the mainstream, Putesky left the band during recording sessions for 1997’s Antichrist Superstar, where friction between the guitarist and Manson and producer Trent Reznor led to Putesky’s exit. Putesky ruminated on his battle with cancer in his interview with Noisey. “I got a lot of support,” he said. “Ultimately though, I fight it alone. It’s tough. I’m doing well with it but sometimes it will be the middle of the night and I’ll be trying to sleep and I’ll start thinking negative thoughts. It just happens.”

Look back at the 1994 music video for “Lunchbox” by Marilyn Manson co-written by Daisy Berkowitz

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