How Well Do You Know Jim Morrison?

Photo by Paul Ferrara

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How Well Do You Know Jim Morrison?

Jim Morrison is a legend, his enduring legacy lives on to this day and The Doors songs are timeless, but how well do you know him?


In which year Jim Morrison was born?

In which city?

Jim Morrison's father was a:

How many brothers and sisters Jim Morrison had?

Jim Morrison often said his body was possessed by the soul of:

What was Jim Morrison's IQ?

At age 17, what did Jim Morrison asked as High School graduation present?

What did Jim Morrison studied at the UCLA?

According to Ray Manzarek, where did he heard Jim Morrison sing the first time?

And what song it was?

What did Jim Morrison used to call his girlfriend and partner Pamela?

The Doors second album was:

Where was Jim Morrison arrested on stage in 1967?

Jim Morrison was arrested on the Phoenix Airport in 1969 on his way to a concert of which band?

From these songs, which one was NOT written by Morrison:

In what date and where it took place The Doors infamous Miami where Jim Morrison allegedly exposed himself on stage?

Between 1968 and 1970 where did Jim Morrison lived most of the time?

How old was Jim Morrison when he died?

When, how and where did Jim Morrison officially died?

Complete the lyric "The End Of Laughter and..."

Finally, who portrayed Jim Morrison on the 1991 biopic "The Doors"?

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