Quiz! How Well Do You Know George Michael?

Test your fan level!

How Well Do You Know George Michael?

How well do you know George Michael’s life and career? Do the quiz to find out!


What was George Michael's birth name?

How old was George when he composed "Careless Whisper"?

Who was the other half on Wham?

The debut album of Wham! was called:

What was Wham!'s final single release?

What year did George Michael release his debut solo album "Faith"?

The song "Faith" features an instrumental part taken from a Wham! song, which one?

In 1987 George Michael did a duet with which legendary Soul singer?

What was the first single released from the album "Faith"?

What was the name of George Michael's second solo album?

What or who's mostly and famously featured on the music video "Freedom! 90"?

Which Queen songs George Michael performed with Queen live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute in 1992?

George Michael's third album was released in what year?

On which city George Michael was arrested in 1998 on a public toilet?

The arrest was the inspiration for which song of his?

When was released George Michael's final studio album?

Complete the lyric "When you were just a stranger And I was at your feet I didn't feel the danger Now I feel the..."

How many Grammy Awards did George Michael won during his lifetime?

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