Quiz: How well do you know Madonna?

Are you the ultimate Madonna fan?

Quiz: How well do you know Madonna?

For more than three decades, Madonna has been the indisputable Queen of Pop and not even new comers can take her out of the throne. She has always been one step ahead of the game and will undoubtedly continue to. It’s time to test your knowledge about Madonna’s life and career, find out if you’re the ultimate Queen of Pop fan! 

When was Madonna born?

What religion was Madonna brought up with?

In 1978, Madonna famously arrived in New York City with:

In what famous restaurant chain Madonna worked as a waitress in New York?

What was the name of the New Wave band Madonna formed and played with?

Madonna was the backup singer and dancer for which French Disco artist:

Madonna's first single was:

The debut album "Madonna" was released in:

Where was it filmed the the music video for "Like A Virgin"?

Who were the support act featured on Madonna's first U.S Tour in 1985?

On the music video "Material Girl", who does Madonna impersonate?

In 1985 Madonna made her debut as an actress in which movie?

She also controversially marries which Hollywood actor in 1985?

Which 1986 song Madonna composed for British model and singer Nick Kamen?

What's the name of Madonna's third album which is also her best selling?

What music video got Madonna in trouble with the Vatican?

What's the U.S title of the movie-documentary that Madonna released in 1991 focusing on her Blond Ambition Tour?

What does Madonna famously names on the lyrics of the song "Vogue"?

In 1990, Madonna starred on the movie "Dick Tracy" and had a controversial relationship with the leading actor that was...

She also dated the famous rapper...

With which artist she collaborated with in 1990 on the song "Justify My Love"?

In 1992 Madonna releases her controversial photo book "Sex". What supermodel is featured in the book?

What name Madonna gave to her own record label?

What Seattle Grunge band she signed in 1993 for her label?

What song is not featured on the double album "Erotica"?

Which famous 1996 musical gave Madonna her most praised acting performance?

In 1998 Madonna releases her electronica album "Ray Of Light", which famous electronic music producer she collaborated with on it?

She also gets deeply involved in...

Madonna married British film director Guy Ritchie in:

Madonna provided the title theme for which James Bond movie?

Which famous British comedian stars on the music video for the song "Music" in 2000?

What's the title of Madonna's 9th studio album released in 2003?

"Hung Up" features a proeminent sample from which ABBA song?

Madonna adopted her four children, David, Mercy, Esther and Stella from which African country?

Madonna released her 13th studio album "Rebel Heart" in which year?

Madonna's biological child are:

To which city did Madonna moved to in 2017?

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