Margot Kidder dead dies aged 69

Superman actress who played Lois Lane has died aged 69

Margot Kidder dies at aged 69

Margot Kidder, who famously portrayed Lois Lane in the Superman films, has died at age 69. The actress died on Sunday, in her home in Livingston, Montana. Her cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Margot starred alongside in 1978 blockbuster Superman, playing love interest Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve’s title character. Following the film’s critical acclaim, Kidder reprised her leading lady role for its three sequels. The starlet also had starring roles in 1975 drama The Great Waldo Pepper and 1979 thriller The Amityville Horror. Margot battled with mental health issues, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder during the height of her fame. In 1996, the Canada-born talent had a manic episode, which resulted in her being homeless for four days. Kidder was eventually found by a homeowner in a back garden in Los Angeles and was taken by the police to a local medical center. The incident led to Margot being placed in psychiatric care.

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