How well do you know David Bowie?

Are you the ultimate David Bowie fan?

Quiz: How well do you know David Bowie?

David Bowie had an unique life and career that will continue to inspire and influence not only artists but everyone else. His unique looks and alter-egos, his music and art were a gift to the world and earned him millions of fans everywhere. Test your David Bowie knowledge on this quiz about the life and career of the ultimate Pop icon! 

The birth name of David Bowie was...

When was released David Bowie's debut album?

On the original cover of the album "The Man Who Sold The World" what is David Bowie wearing?

Which one of the following songs was not featured on the album "Hunky Dory"

The Ziggy Stardust name is a direct reference to which two Pop culture icons?

What David Bowie was legally forbidden to do during his first U.S visit?

Who was the guitarist for The Spiders From Mars?

What was the first song David Bowie played on the British TV Show Top Of The Pops?

Who was not part of David Bowie's side project the Arnold Corns?

How many original studio albums David Bowie self-titled "David Bowie"?

Between 1975 and 1976, which Bowie alter-ego took over?

What album Bowie released in 1976?

What albums are included on what is commonly known as "The Berlin Trilogy"?

With whom did David Bowie lived in Germany between 1976 and 1977?

What was the album "Low" working title?

In what movie did David Bowie had his first major role as an actor?

Who provided back vocals for the song "Fame"?

And who provided back vocals for "Sound And Vision"?

Which of the following albums was co-produced and mixed by David Bowie?

Which famous song by Mott The Hoople was written by and features Bowie?

What future famous Pop star was featured on the music video for "Ashes To Ashes"?

David Bowie provided the soundtrack (and appeared) on which German cult movie?

True or False: "Let's Dance" is David Bowie's best selling album to date

Where was the music video for the song "Let's Dance" filmed at?

What song opens the 1984 album "Tonight"

The song "Tonight" was performed in a duet with who?

With which legendary Rocker did David Bowie made a famous duet in 1985?

What famous character did David Bowie portrayed on the 1986 movie "Labyrinth"?

What Rock band Bowie formed in 1989?

What was the name of David Bowie's 1990 Tour?

David Bowie and his wife Iman got married in which year?

Which band famously covered Bowie's song "The Man Who Sold The World" in 1993?

David Bowie took mainly which musical directions during most of the 90's decade?

What was David Bowie's last album release of the 90's?

"Heathen" was released in:

Who plays guitar on the song "Slow Burn"?

In 2013 what was the first Bowie song to be released in 10 years?

The cover art of the album "The Next Day" hides the cover of another famous Bowie album. Which one?

In which year the exposition "David Bowie Is" opened?

Where in 2004 did David Bowie played his last ever concert?

When was the first single from "Blackstar" released?

What theatrical project David Bowie had just completed at the time of his death?

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