How Well Do You Know Queen?

Do the quiz and find out!

How Well Do You Know Queen?

What was the name Freddie Mercury was given at Birth?

Who performed a duet with Queen on the single "Under Pressure"?

Which Superstar artist convinced Queen to release "Another One Bites the Dust" as a single?

Which1980 film did Queen record music for the soundtrack?

What year was Queens hit single "Somebody To Love" released?

Queen released what album in 1978?

What was the name of Queens last studio album completed with Freddie Mercury?

From these albums, which one was not produced by Roy Thomas Baker?

Who sings lead vocals in "Modern Times Rock N' Roll"?

Which Queen music video was banned from the U.S TV during the 80's?

"Radio Ga Ga" music video blends with footage of what classic movie?

What was the name of the band where Roger Taylor and Brian May played before Queen was born?

Who drawned the Queen phoenix logo?

Who designed Freddie Mercury's stage costumes during their 1974-1975 period?

In which city Queen played for an estimated audience of 250.000-500.000 people?

Where did it take place Queen's last concert with Freddie Mercury?

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