The Jackson Five turn into cartoons on ABC in 1971

A reflection of their popularity at the time

The Jackson Five turn into cartoons on ABC in 1971

On September 11th, 1971 The Jackson Five Saturday morning cartoon series produced by Rankin/Bass and Motown Productions debuts on ABC from September 11, 1971 to October 14, 1972. The animated series were a reflection of the popularity that the Motown band achieved during the late 60’s and was one of the first of it’s kind. Each episode told a a fictionalized portrayal of their careers featuring always 2 songs by the Jackson 5, a specially recorded medley of five Jackson 5 #1 hits: “I Want You Back”, “The Love You Save”, “ABC”, “I’ll Be There”, and “Mama’s Pearl” served as the show’s theme song. The music was of course the main component in the series concept, featuring an occasional live-action footage of a concert or music video of the Jackson 5 that would be spliced into the cartoon format. Because Michael Jackson owned many pets in real life, a few pets were added as extra characters to the cartoon, it included his rats, Ray and Charles (alluding to singer Ray Charles), and his pet snake Rosey “The Crusher”. The Jackson Five animated series ended its original run in 1973.

Watch the Jackson Five animated series original intro

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