Remembering Paul Kossoff on his birthday

Influential Free guitarist was born on this day in 1950

Remembering Paul Kossoff on his birthday

Paul Kossoff born Paul Francis Kossoff on September 14th, 1950 in Hampstead, London, U.K became famous as the guitarist for the British Rock band Free, one of the most significant bands during the early 70’s. All the members on Free were very young when they first got noticed after releasing their debut album “Tons Of Sobs” in 1969, despite their very young age the album featured a mature and crafted songwriting, although Kossoff was not one of the main composers in the band, his unique guitar playing can be heard on his composition “Moonshine”, one of Free’s best songs co-written with lead singer Paul Rodgers, that is featured on the debut album. Still in 1969 Free released their second album “Free” but it wasn’t until 1970 that they became worldwide Rock Stars after the release of “Fire & Water” that included the Rock classic “All Right Now” where once more Kossoff’s excellency on guitar can be noted during the solo.The band released their final album “Heartbreaker” in 1973, by then Kossoff’s heavy drug addiction problem had taken a tool on the band’s dynamic. Unhappy with the end of the band, Paul Kossoff’s health declined, specially due to the heavy drug use, in 1976, aged only 25, on a flight from Los Angeles to New York on 19 March 1976, Kossoff died from a pulmonary embolism, after a blood clot in his leg shifted to his lung. His epitaph reads “All Right Now”. Kossoff is considered one of the most influential Rock guitarists, he was ranked 51st in Rolling Stone magazine list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

Watch Free performing “All Right Now” at The Isle Of Wight Festival in 1970


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