Britpop Jarvis Cocker turns 56

The controversial Pulp lead singer was born on this day in 1963

Britpop Jarvis Cocker turns 56

Jarvis Cocker was born Jarvis Branson Cocker on September 19th, 1963 in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Jarvis came to prominence during the 1990’s as one of the main figures in the Britpop movement as the lead singer of Pulp. A controversial man, one of his most infamous moments was when he invaded the stage at the 1996 Brit Awards in a spur of the moment protest against Michael Jackson’s performance. Jackson was performing his hit “Earth Song” while surrounded by children and a rabbi. Cocker and his friend Peter Mansell (a former Pulp member) performed an impromptu stage invasion in protest.Pulp went on hiatus from 2003 to 2010, then returned to activity in 2011. Among their hits is “Common People” a strongly critical and satirical song that became their signature one. Aside of music, Jarvis Cocker is active in several different fields such as journalism and acting. Just recently in 2018 he interviewed Paul McCartney in Liverpool.

Watch the 1996 music video of Pulp “Common People”

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