Quiz: How well do you know John Lennon?

Test your fan level!

Quiz: How well do you know John Lennon?

How well do you know John Lennon’s life and career? Do the quiz to find out!


When was John Lennon born?

What were the names of John Lennon's parents?

In which city of Germany The Beatles had a club residence in the beggining of their career?

What was the title of John Lennon's first published book?

Complete the lyric "God Is..."

What are the names of John's children?

The album "Imagine" was released in:

John Lennon's last live appearance on a concert was as a guest of which artist?

True or false: John Lennon sings lead vocals on "Taxman"?

In which David Bowie song John Lennon is credited as co-author?

What movie did John Lennon starred in 1967?

What was John Lennon's mystical number?

Reportedly, what did John Lennon said in a meeting with The Beatles before the band broke up?

What was the reason the U.S Government claimed for deporting John Lennon back to England?

John Lennon's last completed album was called

What was John Lennon's debut solo single?

Who's the Godfather of John's son Sean?

What is the name of the apartment building where John Lennon lived and was shot?

When did John married Cynthia Lennon?

And finally, where did John met Yoko?

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