The Doors Mega-Expert Quiz

Do you think you know The Doors? Complete the quiz to find out what kind of fan are you!

The Doors Mega-Expert Quiz

Which year The Doors were formed?

Who was The Doors drummer?

Which year The Doors did their first European tour?

Which one of these cities The Doors did not played during their first European tour?

Which label signed The Doors for their debut album?

Complete the lyric: "I need someone who doesn't..."

Jim Morrison's alter ego was

How many cover songs were featured in The Doors debut album?

Which of these albums was not produced by Paul A. Rothschild

Where and what was the official cause of Jim Morrison's death?

Which of the following names never collaborated with The Doors?

In 1969 Jim Morrison allegedly exposed himself on stage in which city?

Which year the final Doors studio album with Jim Morrison was released?

What was The Doors final studio album as a band?

Who wrote "Love Me Two Times"?

Complete the lyric: "The Minister's Daughter In Love With..."

Which of the following music festivals The Doors played?

Who was The Doors sound sound engineer on all their studio albums as a band except their last?

"We Want The World And We Want It Now" it's a famous line from which song?

What was Jim Morrison's middle name?

Complete the lyric: "There's a Killer On The Road..."

According to the lyrics of "The End", with whom Jim Morrison wants to have intercourse with?

Ray Manzarek passed away where and when?

Which unreleased Live recording was released in 2016?

And finally, complete the lyric: "This Is The End..."

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