The versatile art of Brandon Schwartz

22 versatile paintings by a talented artist

The versatile art of Brandon Schwartz

Brandon Schwartz was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.A on October 6th, 1982. Like so many other artists around the world, his work remains only known to a inner circle of family and friends, but hopefully that can change. He is a versatile artist who can paint landscapes, scenes as well as Pop Art and comics characters, with influences and inspiration from several art sources and artists, being Grant Wood his main reference when it comes to his original work. Brandon says about his work that “I mostly do my art as gifts or request from friends. Most of my scene paintings are from my darkest and sad times” On this gallery you can find 14 Brandon’s original paintings and also 8 adaptations of cartoons or comics characters. You can follow Brandon Scwartz on his Facebook page bigbsart

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