The Top 10 Sonic Youth songs featuring Kim Gordon on vocals

The Spaceman turns 68 today

The Top 10 Sonic Youth songs featuring Kim Gordon on vocals

Kim Gordon was born Kim Althea Gordon on April 28, 1953 in Rochester, New York. She formed the pioneering post-punk alternative band Sonic Youth with Thurston Moore in 1981. The band always walked opposite sides to the mainstream, and with what was named Noise Rock they influenced the upcoming 90’s Alternative Rock revolution, being significant in shaping the sound of bands like Nirvana. Gordon was also recognized as being the most influential female alternative rocker, credited by bands such as Babes In Toyland or Hole (that she produced on their first album “Pretty On The Inside”). As a bassist Gordon played on that instrument in most Sonic Youth songs, and split leading vocals with bandmate guitarist Thurston Moore with whom she got married in 1984. After a 1980’s decade of album releases under independent labels, producing seminal Alternative Rock albums as “Confusion Is Sex”, “Bad Moon Rising” or “Evol”, they signed with major Geffen Records for the 1990’s decade beginning with “Goo” in 1990. They achieved the peak of their mainstream popularity with the 1992 album “Dirt”, which remains their most “polished” and best selling album. In 1994 they released “Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star”, a classic in it’s own right, with the leading single “Bull In The Heather” featuring lead vocals by Gordon. As Alternative Rock started to exit the mainstream, the band kept active, but more than ever, assuring their creative freedom on albums as “Washing Machine”. In 2009 they released their sixteenth and final studio album, “The Eternal”, on Matador Records before disbanding in 2011 after Gordon and Moore divorced. We pick the 10 best Sonic Youth songs featuring Kim Gordon as lead vocalist to mark the 66th anniversary of the influential musician.

10 – “Brave Men Run (In My Family)”, 1985 from “Bad Moon Rising”

9 – “Cinderella’s Big Score”, 1990 from “Goo”

8 – “Doctor’s Orders”, 1994 from “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”

7 – “Sweet Shine”, 1994 from “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”

6 – “Bone”, 1994 from “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”

5 – “Halloween”, 1985 from “Bad Moon Rising”

4 – “Drunken Butterfly”, 1992 from “Dirt”

3 – “Flower”, 1985 from “Bad Moon Rising”

2 – “Bull In The Heather”, 1994 from “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”

1 – “Kool Thing”, 1990 from “Goo”

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