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More Than Britpop

Suede “ 

Another new coming of British pop invasion started in the early to mid 1990’s, when bands such as Blur, Elastica, Oasis or Pulp rose to a Rock music scene then dominated by American Grunge Rock. All those bands were able to distance themselves from the Grunge trend eventually developing what would be called Britpop. Suede were one of the bands, with a rougher edge to it, sharper guitars and vocals, they released their debut self titled album “Suede” in 1993,  labeled as Alternative Rock, and creating that way a niche inside Britpop. Suede were back then refereed often as being musically closer to David Bowie than Blur or even Elastica; the band’s songwriting pair, lead singer and lyricist Brett Anderson and guitarist Bernard Buttler composed together a collection of songs that made “Suede”, released by the label Nude, the best of all their albums to date (the year after Buttler would leave the band). Opening track “So Young” smooths up for the roughness of “Animal Nitrate” that remains one of the most memorable tracks of the album, followed by “She’s Not Dead” and the fast pace half Smiths half Bowie “Moving”. “Pantomime Horse” it’s a soft well crafted ballad, “The Drowners” and “Metal Mickey” are other two famous cuts from the album, after the rocking “Animal Lover” the album closes with the soft angelical “The Next Life”.

Cover Art

The album cover art it’s a photo of a gender-ambiguous couple kissing, reflecting the band’s attitude at the time, flirting with androginity and bisexuality.About the photo, Brett Anderson said: “I chose it because of the ambiguity of it, but mostly because of the beauty of it.” The cover image of the androgynous kissing couple was taken from the 1991 book Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs edited by Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser. The photograph was taken by Tee Corinne and in its entirety shows a woman kissing an acquaintance in a wheelchair.

Bellow, images from the album and the band

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“Suede” is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, doesn’t matter if it’s Britpop or Alternative Rock – it is good music, well written and performed and it didn’t remained buried in the 90’s.

Side A
“So Young” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Animal Nitrate” (Anderson,Buttler)
“She’s Not Dead” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Moving” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Pantomime Horse” (Anderson,Buttler)

Side B
“The Drowners” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Sleeping Pills” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Breakdown” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Metal Mickey” (Anderson,Buttler)
“Animal Lover” (Anderson,Buttler)
“The Next Life” (Anderson,Buttler)

Personnel (partial):
Brett Anderson: vocals
Bernard Butler: guitar, piano
Mat Osman: bass guitar
Simon Gilbert: drums

Recorded during: 1992-1993 Master Rock Studios in London
Produced by: Ed Buller
Release Date: March 29, 1993
Label: Nude


“The Drowners” Released: 11 May 1992
“Metal Mickey” Released: 14 September 1992
“Animal Nitrate” Released: 22 February 1993
“So Young” Released: 17 May 1993

Suggested tracks:
“So Young” ,”The Drowners”, “Animal Nitrate”, “Metal Mickey”, “Moving”, “Pantomime Horse”

Music video for the song Animal Nitrate by Suede, 1993

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