The Beatles Most Psychedelic EP

Revisiting the 1967 Portuguese Release of “Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever” EP

The Beatles Most Psychedelic EP

The 4 tracks EP’s were never really popular in the U.S during the 1960’s,but in other parts of the world, most particularly in Europe, this was a very popular record format often used to compile either two different single releases or promote other tracks from the albums. The Beatles EP releases in Portugal were immense and very popular up until 1968, when the standard two track single start getting more popular. These EP’s were unique releases destined to a country in particular, and also pressed  in the country of the release, with unique covers and sometimes unique track listing. This is the scenario where in 1967 The Beatles Portuguese release version of “Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane” is released by Parlophone. A surprising choice of the two extra tracks on the EP,  turned it into The Beatles most Psychedelic EP to be released. The A-Side features “Penny Lane” on track 1 and the surprising “Love You Too” the sitar Indian influenced Psychedelic track from their latest album then 1966  “Revolver”. The B-Side features as track 1 “Strawberry Fields Forever” and the brilliant “Tomorrow Never Knows”, the highly experimental track that closes “Revolver”. Unfortunately there are no source that can tell who was the person behind this genius idea of  putting these 4 songs together in a 7”,  there are no other Beatles official release that follows the same order of/or tracks like this one. Over the years it gained the reputation of being the most Psychedelic official EP release of the band, the front cover was similar to the French release using the same photograph (however the French release was a standard 2 track single) which was not common, normally both French and Portuguese EP pressings featured different artwork or photographs.  The record has became, as most of The Beatles official and original releases, a sought after collector’s item. You can find some fine copies still on Ebay or Discogs for sale, it is a gem to be added to any collection that you’ll be proud to own. But better hurry cause the pressing stopped in 1967.

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Released: 1967
Label: Parlophone/EMI
Country: Portugal

Side 1
“Penny Lane”
“Love You To”

Side 2
“Strawberry Fields Forever”
“Tomorrow Never Knows”

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