The short story of The Dirty Mac

The Rock’s finest supergroup ever

The short story of The Dirty Mac

For one night only on December 11 1968, a few privileged ones were able to witness The Dirty Mac live, perhaps Rock’s finest supergroup ever formed. Featuring John Lennon of The Beatles on vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Eric Clapton of Cream on Guitar, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones on Bass and Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience on drums, this was a group set up for The Rolling Stones TV Special “The Rolling Stones Rock N’ Roll Circus”. On the sound-stage there was a variety of performers such as The Who, Jethro Tull (featuring Tony Iommi), Taj Mahal and Marianne Faithful among others. The footage of this notorious show would only see the light of day in 1996, almost 30 years after taking place, rumor is the Stones weren’t very happy that The Who performance was superior to theirs. The most special moment of the show was The Dirty Mac, the surprise band introduced by Mick Jagger and John Lennon, that performed two tracks, The Beatles newly released “Yer Blues” and a second one featuring also Yoko Ono and violinist Ivry Gitlis called “Whole Lotta Yoko”, a free-form improvisation. Needless to say the band only last a few hours, but for a short moment in time the stars aligned to offer the world the ultimate Rock band to this day.

Take a look at some photos from that night and watch the “Yer Blues” performance.

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