The actor Michael C.Hall celebrates 50 today

He first came to prominence in 2001 when he appeared in the HBO hit series “Six Feet Under” and later as Dexter Morgan in “Dexter”

The actor Michael C.Hall celebrates 50 today

A Brief Overlook on Michael C.Hall’s life and career

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 1, 1971, the actor Michael C. Hall first came to prominence in 2001 when he appeared in the HBO hit series Six Feet Under. The role gave Hall attention from the TV industry which earned him the role he’s best remembered for, as Dexter Morgan in the series Dexter. But Hall’s acting career started long before the 2000’s on stage. Hall regards himself primarily as a stage actor and has been in several Broadway and musical productions since the 1990’s. Also a singer, one of the most famous stage productions Michael C. Hall appeared was in the 2015 David Bowie and Enda Walsh musical “Lazarus”, where he used his vocals to perform the song “Lazarus”, featured in Bowie’s last album “Blackstar”. In 2010, with the series “Dexter” at it’s peak, his agent and spokesman confirmed that Hall was undergoing treatment for a form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At the time, the actor stated “that it was upsetting to learn of his cancer when he was 38 years old, as his father had died from cancer at age 39”. A few months later it was announced that Hall’s cancer was fully in remission and he was set to get back to work for a new season of “Dexter”. Lately, has been talked that reportedly the hit series “Dexter” will return for a new season but none is yet confirmed.

Official Showtime trailer for the series Dexter

Michael C. Hall performing David Bowie’s song Lazarus at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2016

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