New York Jazz/Alternative Musician, Goat, Welcomes In Spring With His Captivating Love Song “Garden Of Love”

Pop Expresso continues supporting creative and talented artists, presents you the new release of Goat, “Garden of Love”

New York Jazz/Alternative Musician, Goat, Welcomes In Spring With His Captivating Love Song “Garden Of Love”

New York, NY – March 26, 2021 – Good Of All Things. That’s the mantra, as well as the nickname for Andy Rosen, aka Goat. Listening to his latest single release, “Garden of Love”, and you’ll understand why it’s the perfect moniker.

The song and the artist

The song opens with the line, “Our love will never die…” and proceeds to take the listener into a secret place in Goat’s heart and mind. His signature vocal style is combined with a hypnotizing drum beat behind his graceful piano playing. The result is a playful and catchy love song that could be playing at your favorite coffee shop or the hip jazz club down the street.

Goat is most recognized from his hit song “Great Life”, which was featured in the teen cult thriller, I Know What You Did Last Summer, which spent 18 weeks at #1. His music has also been featured in a number of major ad campaigns, including an award winning Kia commercial.

Goat was born in Cleveland to Theresa Anne Blumberg and Cleveland Indian’s slugger, Al Rosen on February 1st, 1957. Contrary to the normal reference for the goat label, Andy’s meaning is more a reflection of his positive attitude and outlook on life.

Our word

“Garden of Love” it’s a smooth music piece filled with a strong present vibe reminiscent of classic experimental Jazz  and Soul of the 1970’s, and this is particularly noticeable in Goat’s deep and magnetic vocals that blend perfectly with the clever keys arrangements, which will transport you for moments back to an age where music was made to last through names such as Isaac Hayes, and the warm drum beat. You cannot miss the chance of discover this new release by Goat, one of the best songs to come out in 2021.

Listen to “Garden of Love” now:

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