Former model and Madonna’s “protegé” Nick Kamen turns 59

He’s still best remembered for the 1986 hit “Each Time You Break My Heart” and the 1985 Levis 501 commercial

Former model and Madonna’s “protegé” Nick Kamen turns 59

Born Ivor Neville Kamen on 15 April 1962 in Harlow, Essex, England, Nick Kamen, the former model is still best remembered for his 1986 hit “Each Time You Break My Heart”, written and produced by Madonna. Kamen first got noticed during the mid 1980’s for his performance in Levi’s “Launderette” television commercial, where he strips down to stone-wash his blue jeans in a 1950s style public laundromat while he waits clad only in his Sunspel boxer shorts, dramatically increasing the popularity of Levi 501s. It’s possible that the commercial caught Madonna’s eye and the singer wrote the song “Each Time You Break My Heart”, which she recorded first but never released, and gave it to Kamen, becoming a popular hit in Europe for the former model, scoring No.5 on the UK singles charts. Kamen also had a No. 16 follow-up in the UK with the second single, “Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever”, a cover of the Four Tops’ 1966 hit, but right after, his music career started to fade, and his next singles were less-commercially successful, despite Madonna making a special appearance on his second album, “Us”, released in 1988, as a backing vocalist on the song “Tell Me”. In 1992, Nick Kamen released his last album to date, entitled “Whatever, Whenever”. Today he turns 59.

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