Symphonic Metal Act, Anaria, Release Haunting Remake of Heart’s Classic “Alone”

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 Symphonic Metal Act, Anaria, Release Haunting Remake of Heart’s Classic “Alone”

“Ann and Nancy Wilson are big vocal influences of mine, along with so many of the rockin’ ladies of the 80s and 90s.” – Jessica Mercy

“Back in February, we had the idea to do a cover and decided to pitch it to our fans to decide,” says lead singer, Jessica Mercy. “It was such a pleasure for all of us to reimagine this classic tune as a cinematic hard rock piece.”

The song opens with a bit more of an ambient passage, which flips a switch into a big chorus. It’s a style the band are known for, the juxtaposition of something ethereal with something a bit more granular. “We had a great time filming the video, and tried to show a world where the main character is peering into these separate pools of aloneness where each of our members plays in isolation, but there is kind of a frigid, gothic beauty in that aloneness,” says Mercy.

Singer Jessica Mercy has wowed both domestic and international fans with her vocal prowess, and their recent release continues to flex those talents. Anaria has existed in some form or another since 2011, sharing the stage with numerous national acts such as Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, John 5, and Powerman 5000. As of 2019, they have been operating as a three-piece studio project.

Stay tuned for more music and videos coming from Anaria through 2021 and beyond. The band is looking forward to the opportunity to get in front of live audiences as soon as the situation allows.

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“Alone” by Heart remains one of the biggest worldwide Rock hits since it was first released in 1987, and its power-ballad formula that is so familiar to music fans, is now reinvented by Symphonic Metal Act, Anaria. This version by Anaria retains the same power of the Wilson sisters and adds a wider sound expansion layer through more instruments not present in the original Heart version, where vocalist Jessica Mercy’s fit perfectly. There is also the hard task of recording this song in order to please a diverse audience of music fans, a mission accomplished by Anaria, not only their fanbase of Symphonic Metal fans will be pleased to this treat but also music fans in general.

Listen to “The House of the Rising Sun” now

The cover of Anaria’s single “Alone”


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