“Music For Broken Mannequins” an unexpected music fusion journey by David Warren

The debut album of David Warren, independent artist, songwriter and musician, is now available

“Music For Broken Mannequins” an unexpected music fusion journey by David Warren

“Music For Broken Mannequins” released on June 19, 2021, it’s an unexpected music journey, that translates feelings, emotions into an expressionist, surrealist musical creation. Not fitting in a particular genre, “Music For Broken Mannequins” contains 14 instrumental tracks with elements of Electronica, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Psychedelia, Pop  and Experimental, a surrealist soundtrack. Some of the songs such as “Sunflower Beams” are straight forward melodic pop, others like “The Key” contains a mixture of several different music elements blending together. “November Days” a dark psychedelic tune that echoes The Doors sound formula. The album finishes with the self-titled track “Music For Broken Mannequins”, which is a sound collage featuring several sound effects and finishes in an over 10 minute interesting loop. It’s an album that is different, it’s not the usual made to sell music, a work of passion where the listener can simultaneously enter the mind of David Warren and also reflect himself in some sounds and songs.

The complete artwork for the album which was created using a concept by Ken Warren, can be found at the official website to download. Three concept films for the songs “Dust”, “Heartbeats” and “November Days” were released as company to the music. The films featuring archive footage edited and cut by Warren, are also part of “Visions For Broken Mannequins”, the short 15 minute film with five songs from the album “Music From Broken Mannequins” serving as soundtrack, using the same experimental concept of visual-collage.

“Music For Broken Mannequins”  is available in digital format on all major platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube Music among many others.

Warren will also release a standalone single, “Satellite Sky” on June 26, 2021.


Watch the promo clip for the song “Dust” by David Warren

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