Remembering actor Luke Perry born 55 years ago today

He was best known for portraying the “Beverly Hills 90210” character Dylan McKay during the 90’s

Remembering actor Luke Perry born 55 years ago today

Luke Perry, best known for portraying “Beverly Hills 90210” Dylan McKay,  was born on October 11, 1966, in Mansfield, Ohio and raised in Fredericktown, Ohio. There, he was the school mascot, the Fredericktown High School Freddie. Shortly after high school, Perry moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting as there were few opportunities in Ohio. After appearing in the music video “Be Chrool to Your Scuel” for the band Twisted Sister alongside Alice Cooper and acting in several daytime soap operas he would earn his career-defining role in Beverly Hills 90210. Perry would become a teen idol thanks to playing bad boy Dylan McKay, and soon landed himself film roles including the first version of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Community”, “Family Guy”, “Oz”, and “The Fifth Element”. In 2003, he divorced his wife of 10 years, Rachel Sharp, with whom he has two children. Since 2017, he starred in the popular teen drama “Riverdale” as Fred Andrews. Luke Perry passed away earlier in 2019 following a massive ischemic stroke at his home in Los Angeles on February 27, 2019. After a second stroke, his family followed the medical team’s recommendations to remove him from life support. He died on March 4 at the age of 52.

Article originally published by Ken Warren, 2017/18

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