Which Rockstar Are You?

What male Rockstar matches your personality?

Which Rockstar Are You?

What's your favorite food?

Pick an instrument

Sexually you are:

Choose a place:

How do you like to dress?

Drugs are:

What's your drink of choice?

What type of footwear you prefer?

Besides music, what other interests do you have?

How did you grew up?

How educated are you?

Choose an animal:

Choose a song:

Finally choose a music genre

Which Rockstar are you?
Jim Morrison

You are wild, sensitive, curious, magnetic, charming, sometimes crazy and daring!
Freddie Mercury

You are shy but larger than life, talented, animal lover and a party animal and love your little forbidden pleasures!
Kurt Cobain

You are sensitive, alienated, talented and love the simple things in life!
Mick Jagger

You are someone with expensive tastes, curious, social and sometimes an exercise lover!
David Bowie

You are artsy, curious, charming, likable, open minded and talented!
Iggy Pop

You are wild, sometimes crazy, open minded, likable and a good friend!
Robert Plant

You are magnetic, exotic, talented, love music, love people and enjoy traveling!
Alice Cooper

You are cool, likable, sometimes crazy, social, open minded and sometimes a party animal (or used to be) !
Elton John

You are daring, open minded, curious, unique, love your little forbidden pleasures, love music, a party animal (or used to be)!
Jimi Hendrix

You are talented, shy, wild, likable, cool, mystical and philosophical!

You are cool, likable, social, a party animal, love to have hobbies, love to meet new people!
John Lennon

You are sarcastic, witty, intelligent, talented, mystical, sometimes crazy and open minded!
Lou Reed

You are discreet, sarcastic, artsy, low profile, talented, not very social but intelligent!
Rob Halford

You are cool, likable, love to meet new people, love life, love to be unique and to travel!

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