In 1963 The Chiffons peaks to No.1 with their doo wop hit “He’s So Fine”

The song was later on the origin of a lawsuit against former Beatle George Harrison during the 1970’s

In 1963 The Chiffons peaks to No.1 with their doo-wop hit “He’s So Fine”

Written by Ronald Mack (who was also The Chiffons manager), “He’s So Fine” topped the U.S Hot 100 on March 30, 1963. The “Doo Wop” song became The Chiffons biggest hit and their signature song. A little-known fact is that The Tokens provided the instrumentation for the song together with drummer Gary Chester (he played on notable songs and hits by Ben E.King, The Coasters, Bobby Darin, Solomon Burke, The Drifters, The Everly Brothers, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Dionne Warwick among many others). “He’s So Fine” with its now-classic ‘Doo-lang doo-lang doo-lang’ background vocal, was a smash hit not only in the U.S but in many other countries around the world and it remained the No.1 song in the U.S for four weeks. But years later after it’s original release, the song was once again in the spotlight, only this time due to former Beatle George Harrison. In 1971, Bright Tunes Music Corporation filed suit alleging the then current George Harrison hit, “My Sweet Lord”, was a plagiarism of “He’s So Fine”. The case did not go to trial until February 1976 when the judge ruled on the liability portion of the suit in favor of Bright Tunes, determining that Harrison had committed “subconscious” plagiarism. The final decision was that Harrison himself would purchase Bright Tunes from Klein for $587,000. n 1975 the Chiffons would record a version of “My Sweet Lord”, attempting to capitalize on the publicity generated by the lawsuit.

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