“Friday The 13th” Ultimate Quiz

Think you know “Friday The 13th”? Take this quiz and find out

“Friday The 13th” Ultimate Quiz!

When an infamous camp reopens to rebuild after its sordid past, teenage counselors are dispatched by a mysterious killer in this seminal 1980 horror classic by Sean S. Cunningham. Good luck!

By Ken Warren, 2018

The first Friday the 13th movie was released in what year?

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What popular actor met his demise at the hands of the killer in the original Friday the 13th?

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What is the name of the camp where the counselors are staying?

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Who is the killer in the original Friday the 13th?

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What do the locals nickname the camp?

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Who gets killed in the bathrooms?

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According to the sign at the camp's entrance, what year was the camp established?

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Who from the camp was the soul survivor?

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How did Jason Originally Die?

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How many people die in the first movie?

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Friday The 13th Ultimate Quiz
Have you even seen this movie?

You better start running because Jason is coming!

You'll do better next time... well if there is a next time...

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