Five of the Best Kathy Bates movies 

The awarded and talented actress turns 74

Five of the Best Kathy Bates movies

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 28, 1948, the awarded and versatile actress Kathy Bates turns 74. Bates movie career started in the early 1970’s, but her Hollywood breakthrough only happened in 1990 when she played Annie Wilkes in the horror thriller “Misery”, based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. The role earned Bates the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Since then, Bates has starred in a non stop string of hit movies and TV series, playing roles so memorable that have became an important part of Hollywood history. Here’s five of her very best movies.

5 – “Primary Colours”, 1998

4 – “About Schmidt”, 2002

3 – “Dolores Claiborne”, 1995

2 – “Fried Green Tomatoes”, 1991

1 – “Misery”, 1990


“American Horror Story”, TV Series


Kathy Bates 2018 interview on Larry King Now

This article is dedicated to Pop Expresso co-founder Ken Warren, who was a big fan of Kathy Bates

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