The Joy Division Top 5 Songs

Remembering the influential Ian Curtis born 66 years ago today

The Joy Division Top 5 Songs

Ian Curtis, born in Stretford, Lancashire, England on July 15, 1956, wrote some of Rock’s most poignant lyrics and music. Together with Joy Division, the tortured musician and poet developed a new sound heavily influenced by, among others, David Bowie, The Doors and Punk, in what would be called the Post Punk movement. Part of the Manchester scene, Joy Division gathered quickly a following during the late 1970’s with their unique sound and Ian Curtis’s haunting vocals and stage persona.
But the day before the band was about to leave to their first American tour and becoming one of the hottest bands of the 1980’s, Ian Curtis ended his life at age 23. The body of work that Joy Division left as legacy continues to influence new generations of Rock and Alternative bands and his life was played on screen in the 2007 Anton Corbijn movie “Control”. The band moved on and became the synth-pop-rock band New Order, but Joy Division remains in a division of it’s own. Celebrating the short, yet, influential Ian Curtis’s life and career here’s the five most popular Joy Division songs.

5 – “Warsaw”, 1978

4 – “Transmission”, 1978

3 – “She’s Lost Control”, 1979

2 – “Atmosphere”, 1980

1 – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, 1980

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