Fiercely Independent South Florida Artist, Fior, Releases Provocative New Single, “Overdose”

We all know the feeling. Obsession that goes beyond the norm and compels our heart to make decisions that our mind would never entertain. On her new single, “Overdose”, Fior delves into the cycle of physical attraction and how these powerful feelings can create conflict.

Fiercely Independent South Florida Artist, Fior, Releases Provocative New Single, “Overdose”

Named one of People magazine’s ‘Emerging Artists to Watch’ this Spring, independent artist, Fior, makes sleek, beat-driven, pop-infused music with elements of R&B, rock, and soul. There’s a modern, atmospheric quality to her sound, where trap beats and symphonic swells provide a rich textural backdrop for her lush, agile vocals. Inspired by real life, her lyrics celebrate the kind of vulnerability that leads to strength, encouraging listeners to accept emotions and embrace the importance of speaking your mind.

“Romantic attraction is a mysterious chemistry,” says Fior when asked about the meaning behind the new single. The electric feeling in your veins, butterflies in your stomach, the rush of adrenaline. Like drugs, the euphoric feeling is very addictive. For attraction junkies it’s hard to accept when the intoxication fades, it becomes a cycle of preventing true love because you’re overdosing on new love.“

Fior’s distinct, self-taught style was influenced by Billy Joel, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Michael Jackson. Gifted a toy piano by her dad, a tour manager for bands in the 90s, Fior learned to play by ear at just 8 years old, soon writing her own lyrics and making beats. Along the way, she developed her characteristic vocal tone, blending husky alto vibrato with a uniquely soulful timbre. Fior’s new song follows back to back singles “Let Me Go” and “YOYO”, produced by the legendary Scott Storch. For more on Fior, visit:

Listen to “Overdose” now:


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