U2’s The Edge turns 61

His guitar playing has become one of the most important parts of U2’s distinctive and influential sound

U2’s The Edge turns 61

The U2 founding member, guitarist, keyboardist and sometimes singer The Edge has been in the spotlight since the early 1980’s when the Irish band started to gain recognition worldwide with albums such as “Boy” and “War”.
The Edge, who’s not actually Irish, was born Dave Evans in Barking, Essex, England on August 8, 1961 and was raised in Ireland. He met future U2 band mates while still a teenager and by the late 1970’s they formed a band influenced by the Punk Rock movement. They first became part of what was called Post-Punk or New Wave during the early 1980’s, but halfway the decade, they got increasingly bigger and their songs also more crafted to a wider audience, leaving behind their rougher early Punk sound. As a guitarist, The Edge played a big part in developing what is known as the signature U2 sound with his minimalist playing, that uses a rhythmic delay effect yields, it’s one of the most recognizable in Rock music and has influenced already several generations of musicians. Aside of guitarist, The Edge also is the keyboardist and one of U2’s main songwriters, having sung lead in songs such as “Van Diemen’s Land” and the 1993 hit “Numb”. He often sings background vocals and has occasionally shares lead with Bono Vox such as in the 1997 song “Discotheque”. In 1993 he co-produced one of the band’s Alternative Rock adventures, the 1993 “Zooropa”. They remain one of the biggest bands in the world, there’s no doubt U2 achieved an iconic and legendary status in Rock music and standalone in a league of their own, having scored hit after hit since the 1980’s. A string of hit albums that includes “The Joshua Tree”, “Zooropa”, “Achtung Baby”, “Unforgettable Fire” and “Pop”, have solidified U2 status and career as one of the most influential ever and for The Edge, this earned him 22 Grammy Awards and an induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today he turns 61.

Look back at the 1993 music video “Numb” by U2 featuring The Edge on lead vocals

Watch U2 playing two of their biggest hits “One” and  “Where The Streets Have No Name” live in Glastonbury 2011 where you can listen to The Edge’s signature playing

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