Former lead singer of The Undertones and a 1980’s one hit wonder Feargal Sharkey turns 64

In 1985 he topped the charts with “A Good Heart”, in 1991 he abandoned his career to work in the business side of the music industry

Former lead singer of The Undertones and a 1980’s one hit wonder Feargal Sharkey turns 63

Born in Derry, Northern Irelan on August 13, 1958, Feargal Sharkey started his career as the lead singer for the Punk-New Wave band The Undertones, who had the hits “Teenage Kicks” and “Here Comes The Summer”. He moved on from Punk during the early 1980’s when he joined a synth pop project with former Depeche Mode, Yazoo and future Erasure’s Vince Clarke, The Assembly. The highlight of his solo career was in 1985 with the pop smash hit “A Good Heart”, penned by Lone Justice frontwoman Maria McKee, went to No. 1 in several countries including the UK in late 1985. After the success of the song, Sharkey’s career slowed down, and he never repeated the same success of “A Good Heart” or his time with The Undertones. In 1991 he released his last ever recordings, the album “Songs From Mardi Gras”, and moved into the business side of the music industry, being appointed as the CEO of British Music Rights in 2008. In a 2013 BBC interview, Sharkey explained why he left his career as a musician “I’ve had an absolutely brilliant career… It’s time to get off the stage and make room for new artists”. Today he turns 64.

Look back at the 1985 music video “A Good Heart” by Feargal Sharkey


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