Cream played their farewell on this day in 1968

The Royal Albert Hall concert became the band’s most famous one

Cream played their farewell on this day in 1968

On November 26th 1968 the British supergroup Cream played their famous farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The concert was filmed and released as Cream’s Farewell Concert which has often been criticized for both its mediocre sound and visual effects, despite that, it’s considered a milestone on Rock music as it was the last concert Cream played while on their peak of popularity. The line up featured some of their most memorable songs including “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room”, “Crossroads”, “Spoonful” and “I’m So Glad”. Cream ended their activity as a band just three years after they were formed by Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, despite their huge commercial success and their critical acclaimed music. They released four studio albums between 1966 and 1969. Cream got together for a series of reunion concerts in 2005, their last ever was on Madison Square Garden, New York on October 26th, 2005. On 25 October 2014, Bruce died of liver disease in Suffolk, England at the age of 71, and more recently on October 6, 2019, drummer Ginger Baker also passed away at age 80,  putting an end to any possibilities of another reunion.

Watch Cream’s farewell live at The Royal Albert Hall, 1968

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