David Bowie releases “Rubber Band” in 1966, his debut single on Deram

The baroque-pop song was later included on his first album “David Bowie” from 1967

David Bowie releases his “Rubber Band” in 1966, his debut single on Deram

In 1966, after signing with Deram, 19 year old David Bowie releases his debut single for the label, the song “Rubber Band” backed with The B-side, “The London Boys”, that was belatedly issued as a UK single in 1975. Released on December 2nd, the Baroque pop song which was later included on Bowie’s self-titled 1967 debut album “David Bowie”, didn’t made it to the charts and was a flop as most of Bowie’s early record releases were. It wasn’t until 1969 that Bowie would finally make a hit single with “Space Oddity”. “Rubber Band” remains however one of Bowie’s 1960’s favorites among fans.

Watch the promotional film for the song “Rubber Band” by David Bowie, taken from his 1969 film “Love You Till Tuesday”

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