A buddy of many men, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister was born on this day in 1945

He was a Christmas present to all of us

A buddy of many men, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister was born on this day in 1945

Ian Fraser Kilmister was born as a Christmas present for all of us on December 24th, 1945 in Staffordshire, England. The legendary Lemmy career started in the 1960’s as a member of several bands during the decade, mostly Garage and Psychedelic Rock bands, he was for a while a roadie for another legend, Jimi Hendrix, and in the early 1970’s joined Space Rock band Hawkwind as a bassist and ocasional lead singer, the band’s biggest hit was sung by Lemmy, “Silver Machine” from 1972, despite that, he was fired from Hawkwind after being arrested in Canada for drug possession. During that period he formed his own band, Bastards, that soon would metamorphose into Motörhead, the name of the last song he wrote for Hawkwind. Motörhead became one of the most successful Rock and Metal bands of all time, the blend of Metal and Punk along with Lemmy’s distinctive vocals earned them a legion of fans starting at their first album, “Motörhead” from 1977. Songs such as “Ace Of Spades”, “Iron Fist”, “Killed By Death”, “Overkill” and “Bomber”, among many others, developed into real Rock classics and influenced a whole generation of Metal bands including Metallica that wrote a song “Motorbreath” on their first album “Kill’Em All” inspired by Motörhead’s sound. Lemmy’s Rock Star status kept growing during the 1980’s but he remained the same humble and friendly man he always was. Truth to his principles, it has been said that Lemmy was a buddy of men, or many men. Whenever Lemmy was present and music was playing, there was no talking, he had a deep passion for music, always remained faithful to who himself and to his passions, his favorite artist was Little Richard, which contrasted with the music he wrote. Jack Daniels and Coke, cigarettes and a good conversation, that was Lemmy’s motto. Lemmy played and toured almost until the day he left us, on December 29th, at age 69 the master Lemmy, buddy of many men and one of the dearest, respected and most charismatic Rockers of all time passed away. But Lemmy’s not dead, his essence is not dead and for as long as there’ll be Rock, there’ll be Lemmy and Motörhead

Watch Hawkwind performing “Silver Machine” in 1972 sung by Lemmy

Watch the 1980 music video for “Ace Of Spades” by Motörhead

Listen to “You’ll Get Yours – The Best of Motörhead” on Spotify

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