The fantastic 1980’s TV show “Fame” premiered on this day in 1982

After starting out as a movie, “Fame” was adapted to TV and enjoyed the success of the 1980’s dance craze

The fantastic 1980’s TV show “Fame” premiered on this day in 1982

They had their big dreams. They wanted fame. And starring in the 1982 TV series spin-off of the 1980 musical movie “Fame” gave them just that. There has never been, nor will there ever be an awesome production like, “FAME”. Many shows have tried to duplicate it’s success, with storylines that feature spectacular production numbers but they could never really capture the magic that “Fame” brought to the TV screen each week. The show, while not totally realistic, was always entertaining, heartwarming, and just fun to watch. Everything was so well arranged, and the story was well written that you just had to watch the next episode. The show first aired on NBC beginning on January 7, 1982. The soundtrack included excellent songs performed by the cast and on occasions, the series hosted famous guest stars. Maybe the actors were not Brando, Dean, or Monroe but they all gave that little bit of pure artistic glamour. The show was based heavily on the actual Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Most interior scenes were filmed in Hollywood, California. In all seasons except the third, the show filmed several exterior scenes on location in New York City. Season 4 featured 18-year-old Janet Jackson as one of the students. The School of Arts in New York was set to make stars and stars it made. The ’80s would have never been complete without this. If you do have a chance to see the early years of the show don’t miss it.

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