The Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis turns 52 today

Korn were one of the leading bands of the 1990’s Nu Metal emerging genre

The Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis turns 52 today

Jonathan Howsmon Davis was born on January 18, 1971 in Bakersfield, California. Growing up, he was persistently harassed in Highland High School primarily by jocks for being different by wearing eyeliner, long clothes, and listening to new wave music, for that he was teased, harmed, and beaten. He stated that even teachers were mean to him and sent him to the counselor for wearing eyeliner. Davis also was constantly called homophobic names; the Korn song “Faget” was inspired by Davis’ experience of being bullied, his’ “HIV” tattoo on his upper left arm was also inspired by his experience of being bullied. Jonathan Davis attended the San Francisco School of Mortuary Science for a period of time. He then rose to stardom during the second half of the 1990’s as the lead singer of the band Korn, formed in 1993 and one of the leading bands of the 1990’s Nu Metal emerging genre. With songs such as “A.D.I.D.A.S.”, “Falling Away From Me” and “Freak On A Leash”, Korn assembled a large following worldwide that keeps their popularity intact to this day despite the fact that the Nu Metal trend and most of the bands associated with it being long gone. In the early 2000’s, Davis began collecting serial killer art and memorabilia, publicly displaying selected items while on the Ozzfest 2003 tour. In 2005, he was considering starting a serial killer museum with the museum’s architect Arthur Rosenblatt but pulled out of the deal, leading Rosenblatt to sue him. A decade after the release of Korn’s first album, on October 10th, 2004, Davis married a second time in Hawaii,  to former porn star Deven Davis with whom he has two children; he also has one child from his first marriage. Davis is also a DJ and he uses the name JDevil as his EDM alter-ego. He has has became increasingly more politically outspoken throughout the years, In 2006, Davis explained his political views, saying, “I’m political to a point where it affects human life, from global warming to abortion issues to my gun rights”, but expressed disinterest in issues like taxation, saying, “I don’t really care. Obviously even going out and voting doesn’t really count, it’s all based down to these Electoral College votes. He is a supporter for same sex marriage and transgender rights. Jonathan Davis turns 52 today.

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