The actress Sherilyn Fenn turns 58

Her most memorable role remains the reckless Audrey Horne in the David Lynch’s cult TV series “Twin Peaks”

The actress Sherilyn Fenn turns 58

A Brief Overlook on Sherilyn Fenn’s life and career

Sherilyn Fenn is what we can consider a “cult” actress, famous enough for being recognized for her talent, but never got famous enough for Hollywood standards of stardom. Born into a family of musicians in Detroit, Michigan, Fenn is the daughter of Leo Fenn who back in the 1970’s managed Rock acts such as The Pleasure Seekers, Alice Cooper and Fenn’s aunt Suzi Quatro. She began her career by appearing in a string of B-movies during the 1980’s alongside future Hollywood stars including “The Wild Life” in 1984 with Chris Penn, “Thrashin'” in 1986 with Josh Brolin and Pamela Gidley and also in 1986 “The Wraith” with Charlie Sheen and Nick Cassavetes. In 1985 she appeared alongside Johnny Depp in the short student film “Dummies” for American Film Institute. Depp and Fenn had a relationship that lasted over three years and were engaged. Her breakthrough role, and the one she remains best remembered was om the 1990 David Lynch’s TV series “Twin Peaks”, where she played the tantalizing, reckless Audrey Horne, a high school femme fatale. She also appears in the David Lynch’s cult film “Wild At Heart” from 1990. The acclaimed director once described Sherilyn Fenn as “five feet of heaven in a ponytail”. By the 1990’s Fenn’s success started to cool down and she found hard to be cast in bigger productions. This remains to this day, but the actress has stated no grudges from it. She still appears regularly on film and TV, in 2017 starred in the series “S.W.A.T” and her latest movies were the horror flick “Wish Upon” in 2017 and “The Magicians” in 2019 and “Losing Addison” in 2022.

Watch Sherilyn Fenn in character as Audrey Horne in the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks

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