Duran Duran earns their first No.1 in 1983 with “Is There Something I Should Know?”

The song helped the band breaking into the American music market and sold more than one million copies

Duran Duran earns their first No.1 in 1983 with “Is There Something I Should Know?”

Viewed as the head of the early 1980’s British New Romantic music movement, Duran Duran became one of the best selling and successful Pop bands of all time. By 1983 Despite having already released 7 singles with considerable airplay, the band hadn’t yet achieved a No.1 song. On 19 March 1983, they released the standalone single “Is There Something I Should Know?”, the goal was to finally get a No.1 song, and it didn’t took long for it. The song, written by the band, was backed with B-Side “Faith In This Colour”, but in the U.S, upon it’s release in June 1983, was backed with an early European hit of the band, “Careless Memories”. The New Romantic movement wasn’t really seducing American audiences, and, as usual, it still was hard for a British (or any other European) band to make it into the American radio airplay. When on March 26, 1983 “Is There Something I Should Know?” peaked to No.1 on the UK singles charts, Duran Duran’s fame spread quickly worldwide. Already famous in Europe, they achieved to break into the American music market with their 1982 album “Rio”, that featured a string of hit singles including “Save A Prayer” and “Hungry Like The Wolf”. Their attractive and fashionable image was fueled by saturation airplay their videos on MTV, helping the band climbing the charts. By August 1983, “Is There Something I Should Know?” had reached number four on the US Billboard Hot 100, ending up selling more than one million copies in the U.S alone. Despite being conceived as a standalone single, the song became so popular in the U.S that was included on the American re-issue of their 1981 debut album “Duran Duran”. The now iconic music video for the song featured color clips of the band members, in blue shirts with tucked-in white ties, interspersed with surreal images in black-and-white, also including clips from several earlier videos of the band. Duran Duran went on to rule the 1980’s pop music charts with many other smash hits including “Union of the Snake”, “Rio”, “Save a Prayer”, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “Wild Boys” and “The Reflex” among several others.

Look back at the iconic 1983 music video Is There Something I Should Know?” by Duran Duran

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