Black Francis turns 58: Look back at 10 of the Pixies best songs

The Pixies are regarded as one of the most influential of all time in Alternative Rock, with fans that included David Bowie and Kurt Cobain

Black Francis turns 58: Look back at 10 of the Pixies best songs

Black Francis aka Frank Black was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 6, 1965. He co-founded the Pixies in 1986, which would become one of the most influential Alternative Rock bands for years to come, paving the way for others like Nirvana. The Pixies released their debut Surfer Rosa in 1988, and in the following year, 1989, they released Doolittle, their most successful and commercial album, that includes several of the band’s best known songs, such as “Here Comes Your Man” or “Monkey Gone to Heaven”. Throughout the years the Pixies have been disbanded and regrouped while at the same time Francis have also conducted a successful solo career in Alternative Rock. Here’s 10 of the Pixies very best songs, today that Francis turns 58.

10 – Blown Away, 1990

9 – Velouria, 1990

8 – Head On (The Jesus and the Mary Chain cover), 1991

7 – Trompe Le Monde, 1991

6 – I Bleed, 1989

5 – Debaser, 1989

4 – Wave of Mutilation, 1989

3 – Here Comes Your Man, 1989

2 – Monkey Gone to Heaven, 1989

1 – Where Is My Mind, 1988

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