Actress and former candidate for governor of New York in 2018 Cynthia Nixon turns 57 today

She is best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on the TV and film series ‘Sex and the City’

Actress and former candidate for governor of New York in 2018 Cynthia Nixon turns 57 today

Emmy and Tony-winning actress Cynthia Nixon was born April 9, 1966, in New York City. A versatile performer, she began her career on the New York stage as a teenager. She made her Broadway debut in “The Philadelphia Story” in 1980. That same year, Nixon appeared as a hippie child in the film “Little Darlings,” with Tatum O’Neal. Nixon played a variety of roles on stage, television, and film. She appeared in a few television after school specials as well as juggled roles in two Broadway plays — Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing and David Rabe’s Hurlyburly — at the same time in 1984 and 1985. Somehow Nixon also made time to film a small role in “Amadeus” (1984). In the 1990s, Cynthia Nixon kept up her hectic work schedule. She made television and film appearances and performed in several productions, scoring her first Tony Award nomination in 1995 for her work in “Indiscretions”. In 1997, Nixon auditioned for what would prove to be the biggest project of her career so far. She won the role of Miranda Hobbes in a new HBO comedy series “Sex and the City,” based on a newspaper column by Candace Bushnell. Sarah Jessica Parker played the columnist, named Carrie Bradshaw in the show. The show followed the lives and romantic misadventures of Bradshaw, Hobbes, art dealer Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and public relations expert and man-eater Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall). After “Sex and the City” went off the air in 2004, Cynthia Nixon continued to remind the world of her great acting range. She appeared as Eleanor Roosevelt in the HBO film “Warm Springs” (2005) opposite Kenneth Branagh as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Critics praised Nixon’s interpretation of the legendary first lady and humanitarian. In 2006, she won her first Tony Award for her performance as a grief-stricken mother in the play “Rabbit Hole”. On March 19, 2018, Cynthia Nixon announced that she would challenge incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the then upcoming Democratic primary. “I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor,” she tweeted. Nixon had been active in education policy in recent years and criticized Cuomo over his handling of public education issues. Nixon has two children from her long-term relationship with English professor Danny Mozes. The couple split in 2003. Since then, she has married education activist Christine Marinoni, with whom she has had another child.

By Ken Warren, 2018

Watch Cynthia Nixon announce her candidacy for Governor of New York

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