The “Polish Prince” Bobby Vinton was born on this day in 1935

The singer achieved worldwide success with his smooth and soft love songs including “Blue Velvet” and “Mr. Lonely”

The “Polish Prince” Bobby Vinton was born on this day in 1935

Born Stanley Robert Vinton, Jr. on April 16, 1935, in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Bobby Vinton, aka as “The Polish Prince” due to his Polish heritage, became popular during the early 1960’s with his smooth and soft love songs. His best-known song remains “Blue Velvet”, originally performed in 1951 by Tony Bennett. Vinton’s 1963 version of “Blue Velvet” reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963 and also became a worldwide hit. The song was included on his 6th and most successful studio album “Blue On Blue”, released in 1963 and completely devoted to songs that refer to the color blue; it also included the title song “Blue On Blue”, another hit for the singer. In 1964, Vinton had two number 1 hits, “There! I’ve Said It Again” (a number 1 hit in 1945 for Vaughn Monroe) and his own composition “Mr. Lonely”. In 1990, Bobby Vinton’s songs, particularly “Blue Velvet”, had a resurgence, in part due to the 1986 David Lynch movie “Blue Velvet” and the use of the song on a popular TV commercial at the time. Billboard Magazine called Bobby Vinton “the all-time most successful love singer of the ‘Rock-Era'”. From 1962 through 1972, Vinton had more Billboard number 1 hits than any other male vocalist, including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Bobby Vinton turns 88 today

Look back at Bobby Vinton performing “Blue Velvet” at The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964

Also watch Bobby Vinton performing his original song “Mr. Lonely” at the American Bandstand, 1964

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