Duran Duran’s drummer Roger Taylor was born on this day in 1960

Taylor is one of the band’s original members

Duran Duran’s drummer Roger Taylor was born on this day in 1960

Roger Taylor was born on April 26, 1960, Birmingham, England. Roger began his career during the late 1970’s in the local Birmingham Punk scene. During that period, he joined the New Wave/Post Punk/New Romantic band Duran Duran as their drummer. Taylor became an international star with the other members of Duran Duran as they rose to fame in the early 1980’s. The band, which became one of the most important and influential worldwide during the 1980’s, scored several hits with Roger Taylor and released their most successful albums “Duran Duran”, “Rio”, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” and the live album “Arena” during their early years. In 1985 Roger Taylor left the band together with guitarist Andy Taylor due to pressure from recording and touring, initially his hiatus was expected to be for a year, but in 1986 the remaining members of the band issued a statement saying that he was leaving Duran Duran. He returned to record some songs with the remaining members of the band in 1994 and in 2001 he rejoined Duran Duran with whom he remains to this day. Roger turns 63 today.

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