Five essential Michelle Pfeiffer movies

The famous actress turns 65

Five essential Michelle Pfeiffer movies

Born on April 29, 1958 in Santa Ana, California, actress Michelle Pfeiffer came to prominence during the early 1980’s by starring in movies such as “Scarface” and “Ladyhawke”. Since then, Pfeiffer remains one of the most in-demand actress in Hollywood, with continuous appearances over the years in dozens of blockbusters. The actress got two Academy Awards nominations for her roles in “Dangerous Liaisons”, 1988, and in “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, 1989. She turns 65 and here’s five suggestions for some of Michelle Pfeiffer’s best movies

5 – “Wolf”, 1994

4 – “Scarface”, 1983

3 – “The Witches Of Eastwick”, 1987

2 – “Batman Returns”, 1992

1 – “Dangerous Minds”, 1995

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