Former Apple star and Beatles “protégé” Mary Hopkin turns 73 today

She’s mostly remembered for her 1968 hit “Those Were The Days”

Former Apple star and Beatles “protégé” Mary Hopkin turns 73 today

Born on May 3, 1950, in Pontardawe, Wales, Mary Hopkin is still remembered as one of the first artists signed by The Beatles label Apple in 1968. Her debut single, “Those Were The Days” produced by Paul McCartney, remains one of the Apple’s best selling singles, excluding The Beatles releases. The song reached No.1 in the UK and an amazing No.2 in the US Hot 100. Her second single,”Goodbye”, written by McCartney but credited to Lennon–McCartney was another hit for Hopkin, but not as strong as “Those Were The Days”. The song was kept off the top of the charts by The Beatles’ single “Get Back”. In March 1970, she represented the United Kingdom in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest, singing “Knock Knock, Who’s There?”, but failed to win it, she came second to “All Kinds of Everything”, performed by Irish singer Dana. By 1971, Mary Hopkin was married to Tony Visconti (who produced several of David Bowie’s albums including his 1969 self-titled “David Bowie” aka “Space Oddity”, “The Man Who Sold The World”, the Berlin trilogy and his last one, “Blackstar” among many others). During this period she withdrew from the pop-music scene to have a family. Although reportedly unhappy with show business, she did not stop recording and contributed with her vocals to several albums produced by Visconti, including on David Bowie’s “Low”, her vocals on the album can be heard on the song “Sound And Vision”. Mary Hopkin remains an active artist, however, she had made the choice to not get back to the limelight. She keeps recording music and sometimes playing live, but prefers to keep a low profile. Today she turns 73.

Look back at Mary Hopkin performing “Those Were The Days” in 1968

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