The once House music British star Yazz turns 63 today

Find out what the singer of “The Only Way Is Up” is doing these days

The once House music British star Yazz turns 63 today

Born Yasmin Evans, 19 May 1960 in London, England, Yazz remains best remembered as one of the most popular British House music names of the late 1980’s, when her debut single, “The Only Way Is Up”, released in the summer of 1988, went on to spend five weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart. Despite continuing to release singles throughout the 1990’s, including a cover version of The Jackson 5’s “Never Can Say Goodbye”, Yazz is often referred to as one hit wonder. During the late 1990’s, she decided to re-evaluate her career and life choices, which result in turning her life to religion. She still continues to perform and is now based in Spain, as an active member of the Calahonda Baptist Church. She returns to Britain occasionally to promote new songs or speak about her faith.

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