Former Fine Young Cannibals lead singer Roland Gift turns 61

The British pop band had a string of hit singles during the 1980’s

Former Fine Young Cannibals lead singer Roland Gift turns 61

During the 1980’s, British band Fine Young Cannibals had a string of worldwide hit singles that started in 1985. Playing a big role on their sound and appeal was lead singer Roland Gift. Roland Gift, who was born in Birmingham, England on May 28, 1962, started his career as a member of Ska bands during the early 1980’s. As part of the scene, he caught the attention of former members of Ska band The Beat who invited him to join their new band, Fine Young Cannibals. In 1985 the band scored a hit single with “Johnny Come Home” followed by the Elvis Presley’s cover of “Suspicious Minds”. Between 1988 and 1989, the band released their most memorable songs, starting with “She Drives Me Crazy”, reaching No.1 on the US Hot 100. In 1989 they once again top the US singles charts with “Good Thing”, and also release “I’m Not the Man I Used to Be”, which didn’t performed that well as those previous No.1 singles but became never the less a popular song back then. Fine Young Cannibals disbanded in 1992, with Roland engaging in acting. Among some of the work he done has an actor, is the 1992 hit tv series “Highlander” where he appears as the evil Immortal Xavier St. Cloud on five episodes. Gift’s career in recent years hasn’t been that active and his last solo recording, the single “Crushed” was released in 2009. Today he turns 61.

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