Former Pop teen idol Jason Donovan turns 55 today

The Australian actor and singer scored a string of hit singles during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s

Former Pop teen idol Jason Donovan turns 55 today

Born on June 1, 1968, in Malvern, Victoria, Australia, Jason Donovan became a Pop music teen idol While he was still appearing in the Australian soap opera “Neighbours” together with Kylie Minogue during the late 1980’s. His first international hit was a duet with Minogue, “Especially for You”, written and produced by hitmakers Stock Aitken Waterman, released in December 1988. After spending four weeks at No. 2 in the UK, it hit No. 1 in January 1989. It was the fourth-highest selling single in the UK in 1988, and 17th in Australia for 1989. Donovan became a popular name in the European Pop music scene and like Kylie Minogue went on to have a successful music career, although not as long as Minogue’s. He was most active and successful during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Some of his hits included “Too Many Broken Hearts”, “Sealed with a Kiss”, “Every Day (I Love You More)”, “When You Come Back to Me” and “Rhythm of the Rain”. After 1991 he engaged more into his acting career and returned to music during the late 2000’s. In 2016, Donovan toured the UK with his “Ten Good Reasons and Greatest Hits Tour” and Since 2015, he has presented Jason Donovan’s 80’s Rewind (known as All 80’s from 2015–2017) on Heart Radio. Today the former Pop teen idol turns 55.

Look back at the 1989 music video for “Especially For You” by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue

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